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  • Tickets, pupils

    Tickets, pupils

    Book your school visit to Experimentarium. One teacher may accompany every eight pupil free of charge. 

    You will receive one ticket that is valid for pupils, regardless of whether you have a subscription or are buying tickets. The ticket will be sent to your email address as a link to an online ticket and must be printed from home and presented at the ticket counter bearing the school principal's signature.

  • Season pass, adult (age 12+)

    Season pass, adult (age 12+)

    Curious all year round? If you can't get enough of fun experiments and quirky bubbles: Get a season pass and enjoy free access to Experimentarium for a whole year. 

  • Season pass, child (3-11 years) 

    Season pass, child (3-11 years) 

    Is your child curious all year round? Get a season pass and spoil them with free access to quirky bubbles and exciting hands-on science for a whole year!

  • Season pass, senior

    Season pass, senior

    Curious all year round? An Experimentarium season pass is for people of all ages who are curious about science, and offers access to Experimentarium for a whole year.

  • Entré


    Køb adgang til Experimentarium for voksne og børn. Billet fremsendes til din e-mailadresse som link til online billet og skal printes hjemmefra eller fremvises på mobil. 

    Billetten er gyldig 1 år fra købsdatoen.

    NB! Lige nu har vi ”2 for 1”-kampagne på Experimentarium. Læs om "2 for 1"her.